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Please note, this City of Sanctuary group is currently inactive. If you are interested in re-establishing it, please contact [email protected]

Hackney – Proud to be a place of safety

  • Hackney has for many years been offering a welcome to people who, for one reason or another, are needing to seek sanctuary – safety from violence, poverty, war, hopelessness in their own countries.
  • Many have lost their homes and families and their dignity but have brought new skills, music, food and labour to make this Borough what it is today.

Why Borough of Sanctuary in Hackney?

  • We want to celebrate the contribution of the many people who have come here for safety and are part of the community.
  • Many feel isolated or are in great need or fear.
  • We want to spread a culture of hospitality and support throughout the whole of the London Borough of Hackney

Hackney: Borough of Sanctuary” is currently led by an informal partnership of community, voluntary and faith based organisations.